Elle Dolce

Welcome to Elle Dolce, the sexy and unique fashion boutique. We are an online store currently focused on vintage, rare, exotic and hard to find fashions and accessories. From such era’s as the roaring 20’s, the fabulous 50’s, sexy 60’s disco diva 70’s the glamorous 80’s and more. The offerings will be from high end fashion brands, country specific designers, and of course manufacturers that are specific to certain styles.

Elle Dolce was founded in 2021. Although a new fashion outlet, the focus will be on the timeless classics, the sensual styles of days gone by, those looks that only clothing and accessories from that era have. We feel that retro is not vintage. Only true vintage has that look and feel.

So far the shop will have several used good condition offerings. In the future Elle Dolce will become a designer label of it’s very own, bringing back the excitement of the fashion world. Not bringing sexy back, because it never left. Exotic sensuality has always been there, and we know where it is at.

Hope you enjoy your stay. Browse our selections and tell all your friends. Follow us on social media too for updates and new arrivals to the boutique. See you inside.